Saturday, May 11, 2013

More on the SDR USB P-25 Radio Scanner

Well after pulling a all-niter on the hardware side. I believe finally I have all the bugs worked out of the control radio side of the P-25 SDR radio scanner.
 I at least now have proper decoding of the control channel from the SDR USB stick.

Raytown TRS

Here is a screen capture of the decoded signal. for now proof of concept was done with the Raytown Public Safety TRS, as it is in my back-yard signal wise and a very stable one at that and has plenty of radio traffic to see things happening.

Anyhow now to get the traffic radio going and following the signals of the control radio.
For now I will concentrate on the analog TypeII trunked signal so I can work out the talk group following side of the scanning procedure.  Then I will fire up the Cygwin and DSD "The Majic Sm0ke" decoder and see if we can follow some P-25 traffic using nothing more than a free windows PC box and some cheap SDR USB radios bought from a Canadian internet store.


The "Hardware" SDR Stik is in lower center right corner.

Still right now I only have about $60 in hardware invested in this thing.

All For Now
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