Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Re-Purposed 2u Rack Chassis from Kyle - KØKN

From another BYRG'er Kyle - KKNØ

He writes:

I saved this thing from the dumpster a few days ago. It used to be a Lucent DMXtend, and was probably 10k or more new!

The chassis itself is not much different from what the repeater radios are mounted in at the Merriam site. It's a 2 RU rack mount chassis.
I had to drill out about 2 dozen rivets, but I think that the result is worth it! Note that it already has 3 dual-speed fans installed, a terminal strip in the back, and plenty of holes for cable entry.

I put a couple of Motos in it just for a mock-up. I may end up moving nodes 2211 and 2212 into this unit, or perhaps save it for another use at Merriam or elsewhere.

Anyhow, free is free! hi hi
73 Kyle, KØKN


Chris Replies:
Chris K7AZ

Nice looking and functional rack mount box!

Don’t forget the Poly-Phaser surge protectors  :)



All in all, I think it was a good re-purposing use of the chassis.

Good job Kyle!  BTW if you guys need a used 1U or 2 U rack plate I have some used ones
here at "The Facility" our shop here on Troost. We have blemished units that we recycle and if you need one or two.  I Will post some pics here later

73 for now

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