Sunday, May 5, 2013

"New" Controller for 927.5875 - well not new, but recycled from a older BYRG repeater project!

Well we now have a S-Comm 7K controller for 927.5875.

I picked it up late Saturday night from Lucky (WØDRJ), he had pulled this gem from a old repeater project I scrapped out a few years ago when my former employer (CRC) moved out to Lenexa when the Cave at 31st & Mercier got vacated.

I am glad Lucky salvaged this controller, otherwise the scrapper would have had it!
I will have to fire this up and see if the "Dallas Clock Chip" needs replacing.
It even has cabling installed and is basicly ready for interfacing to the Quantar repeater.

927.5875 Repeater Foxridge Site ( Mission, KS) in Blue Cabinet
So now we don't have to purchase a new controller , we may just have to get a new clock chip,
but we will see when we fire it up on the bench.

All for now,