Friday, April 11, 2014

More 900 Mhz Fun!

Well today is an unplanned day off from the normal working day. 

We are having some heavy, dirty, & very noisy work done here at the "The Facility".

So since I am Baby sitting the construction crews I thought I would "dust" off one of my staled 900 MHz repeater projects I had been working on in my spare time.

It is made into a scrap RLP chassis that got damaged in shipping and the front panel is also a scratch & dent special.

You see working here I have chassis options that some folks do not have.

The plus side is we have a metal brake and drill press and lots of hardware at my disposal.

I had the front panel cut for almost a year now, I got it drilled & painted this morning and I finally got the main chassis laid out & drilled today.

Glad I had lots of space here.. more holes.......... :)

So now I am dry fitting all the radio gear to see if there is any other holes and such that need to be added.

I added some more progress to the project, I had to re-drill the radio mounting since I did not allow for the front panel brackets, so everything had to move back 2 inches so it would fit.

I got to keep the duplexer holes, but I had top raise it off the bottom with some tall standoffs.

You all wonder what is inside??

  • 2 -TK-931 Trunked/Conventional Kenwood Radio.
  • 1 - Sinclair 800-900 low power duplexer.
  • 1 - DMK universal radio interface, to connect to the Allstar Network
  • 1 - Scratch & Dent RLP power supply chassis from the scrap bin
  • 1 - Scratch & Dent steel front panel of unknown model from the scrap bin.
  • Add some misc screws, fans and  such for the final hook up and connections.
Power out of this device will be about 8~10 watts, good enough to cover a 
small area or use as a low power standby repeater. 

All For Now 
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