Friday, November 4, 2011

This & That on 902 Mhz

From a friendly out in the Interwebs..

Hi Bob,

I just checked your blog to see how you were progressing on your TK-981 receiver testing with the mini-filters in place.  It looks like you are also captured by other events.  I’m still battling my signal generator so I haven’t gotten down to cases with my TK-981 testing either.

Good luck with the repeater efforts,
Skip Clark, WB6TXX

Well Skip I have been testing those filters of yours and they work! :)

Jeremy -KD0EAV has ordered some more of those little critters I believe for some of our winter bench projects.

The initial RX testing was done on a TK-980 modded to RX at 902 Mhz.

The band went from being usable on one or two channels to being usable on many more & our noise floor went from -115 to -110 dbm  to -125 to -130 dbm on average. 
Basically, on the worst channles we dropped the noise about 15 db. 
It made a big difference in the front end performance of the 902 RX side of the repeater. 
And of course we have a +15dbm Chip Angle Preamp & Band-pass filter helps with some of the insertion loss we get from all the filtering we have added with no increase in the noise floor.

More a bit later....

All For Now 
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