Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Booth Site Work

Reworked the receiver pre-amp into a more rack friendly mounting.

Replaced the power supplies and HSO/ controller cards for the nucII
back into rack.

Moved the modified receiver to the 902.0125 freq. from the test channel

Reset network equipment after it was off for 3 days.
(bad cable in rick not sure which one) hopefully it will stay on now.

Installed the 444.975 machine back in rack since it got the boot
over at Lee's Summit still need to retune it back to 444.975
As I had it on a different freq over there. No 444.975 just yet but it
is mounted in the rack :)....

Still trying to find out why I still have sq tail on the 902 rx here,
have added dc blocking cap . I may need to check usb DSP filter / gain settings.

Making plans to get over to the KcKs downtown site to retrive the receiver for rx modding and filter upgrades.

All for now


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