Thursday, December 22, 2016

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Part # 1

Home Brew - Kansas City Style !

Part #1

DMR is a another digital mode for hams. DMR is based on the international commercial radio standard. I could try and explain it, but the easiest way is to just have you look at: 

"The Amateur's Guide to DMR" by W2XAB

We here at BYRG World Headquarters have been experimenting in taking some of our older analog only radios and using some behind the scenes "Sm0ke and Mirrors" secret sauce to make a very versatile DMR compatible digital radio repeater.

The "Ernie Miller" Radio Chasis with a 
MCS2000 900 Mhz Transmitter & Maxtrac 800Mhz Converted to 900 Mhz Receiver. 

The network back end is done by the BrandMeister Network 
and it has some ties to the Allstar Network too.

The heart of the repeater is the MMDVM Modem/Arduino DUE and the Raspberry Pi
Controller and Network connection.

The wonderful thing about this is we can also do other digital modes like 
Fusion, D-Star & P25, and soon NXDN and be allowed to be cross-connected to our existing analog network too!

This is a work in process and no doubt be the way to go for the radios of the future.

Front View Before Painting

               Rear View Before Painting

We will cover the 900 Mhz DMR project as I get it completed and tested at a later date.  

Currently, it is on the bench awaiting further connector interfacing.

All for Now  - Comments Invited

73  Dr SmØke

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