Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Newest Project -- FLDX400 & FRDX400 Twins
Many Thanks To One Of My Mentors/Elmers - KØLW
Thanks Uncle Lee!

Lee dropped these beauties by the shop today.

I believe I will have a ball restoring these items back to working condition.

Lee says the receiver works as he had plugged it in when he picked them up.

There was a tube rolling around in the transmitter when we opened up the top of the transmitter case.

He says he never plugged in the transmitter.

From the overall looks, they are clean, very clean, since the receiver works , 

The transmitter may be OK as well. I guess I will have to fire'em up on the variac and see if they play.

I have detailed owners manuals as well, 

A plus in my book!

All For Now
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SmØke out..

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