Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Prototype RLP 900 Mhz Repeater

This repeater has been on the build table for a couple of years now.
Been working on it in my spare time, early this morning 
I wired up the power distribution and the fan. 
I also laid out the proposed controller equipment locations to decide where that stuff should go.
Right now it is just a low power (8 watt) repeater, with the appropriate PA 
it could be a 20 watt power house at 927 Mhz.

I know Alex, KD6VPH would say bad things about me since I am using surplus TK-930 
(800 Mhz) LTR trunked LMR radios but hey it is a hobby and I don't care if it is wide band (5 Khz) or narrow-band (2.5Khz)at 900 MHZ since we hams can do what we want and I use what I have. 
I actually set the TX deviation to be narrow-band anyhow just to play nice with others.

These 800 Mhz  radios are a dime a dozen anyhow and they convert up to (902/927) just fine.
Besides KØXM and I have a "few" of these in the "warehouse" anyhow!
This will make a nice fill in link repeater with the addition of a Beagle-Bone Black Linux
controller and a DMK Universal Radio Interface (URI).

The system cabinet is a scratch and dent blemished Duracomm  RLP power supply chassis.
We get those on occasion and they end up in the scrap bin, so I grabbed one and proceeded
to lay out the repeater. It is 2U high and about  16 inches deep and 17 inches wide.

Even now has a official serial number label!
Of course it will never get close to 10 Amps, more like 5 or 6 Amps,
but in case I add a extra PA brick I have the label covered

Rear View - Just need to Add Antenna and Network Connections....

Will publish some more on this as time goes on......

Check out this web page on other Kenwood 902/927 Mhz conversions.

Have a Joyous Holiday....

All For Now 
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SmØke out.....


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