Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 2014 - Some New 900 Mhz Fun and Games!

Sorry for not posting in awhile. 

I been rather busy this summer with all kinds of projects and such.

Chuck - KØXM & I have been doing lots of things at some of our repeater sites here in the metro.

We have finally got network installed at the Foxridge site so we can hook the 927.5875 quantar and the UHF 442.100 repeater to our asterisk network.

Anyhow found out a few days ago Chuck, KØXM will be making a trip to 6 land later this month so he needs a portable repeater to keep in touch back home here in Ø land while he is there.

Hence this post..... here is the start of the project.

The pictures are in no particular order at this time will format them later today and write a description as we move along. 

The controller will be a DMK Engineering URI and a Beagle Bone Black ( in and orange case of course....) :) with a load of Arch Linux and Asterisk APP_RPT software.

Here at work we recycle almost everything, including blemished rack panels, they make great radio mounts for pelican cases ! :) 

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