Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Part # 2

Home Brew - Kansas City Style!

Part #2

DMR is an another digital mode for hams. DMR is based on the international commercial radio standard. I could try and explain it, but the easiest way is to just have you look at: 

"The Amateur's Guide to DMR" by W2XAB

We here at BYRG World Headquarters have been experimenting in taking some of our older analog-only radios and using some behind the scenes "Sm0ke and Mirrors" secret sauce to make a very versatile DMR compatible digital radio repeaters.

The "RLP Special" chassis with a 
MCS2000 VRM-650 UHF Transmitter & Receiver decks. 

The heart of the repeater is the MMDVM Modem/Arduino DUE and the Raspberry Pi
Controller with the DMR-UTAH Pi image for software. 

We feel that this is a better way to go than the standard MMDVM Ubuntu Mate software load. 
The neat thing about this is we can also do other digital modes like System Fusion, 
D-Star & P25 as well as DMR if we want. 

Front View



Rear View

More to come on this VRM-650 DMR project as I get it completed and tested.
In Part #3 we will cover the conversion and hook-up of the MCS-2000 VRM-650 radio deck to use for the RF portion of the DMR repeater project.

This RF deck requires little overall modding 
and is pretty much a painless way to go without worrying about matching heads and cables that you might find with regular MCS-2000 radio packages. 

It just makes for a cleaner conversion and rack mounting.

All for Now - Comments Invited

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  1. I am using MCS2000 radios, do you have a way to use them without a control head?

  2. I am told the MCS2000 does not work as a DMR repeater receiver. How is yours doing?